You can say what you like, but Abba was a band that had it all: fantastic songs, amazing playing and production, plus two beautiful ladies with world class tonsils.

It’s no wonder that Abba are as popular now, more than thirty years after they hit the world stage, as they have ever been. It’s no wonder too that so many musicians have played Abba. For any of us it’s a master class in pop music.

Agnetha and Frida certainly both had fantastic technique, not to mention beautiful and quite different tones in each of their voices. As for the music well, say no more. Ground-breaking production in its day, you can hear them copied and “borrowed from” in pop singles to this very day.

Abba Gold strives to honour the music in its original form, two girls, great songs and a rock ‘n roll band kicking bottom!

Abba Gold are available as a 6 piece Live Band or 4 piece Band with backing track.

We are based in the UK but travel extensively across Europe and the World!